Indian Summer

This past weekend was amazing weather wise here in Seattle. It’s early October but the weather screamed summer. I love when we get a splash of warm beautiful weather in the early fall, however this weekend while beautiful was miserable when it came to actually trying to get anywhere.

I tried to drive places but what should be a 10 minute drive turned into a 2 hour trek. Some of the rudest people on the road yesterday. That’s the one part I don’t love about living in PNW, because it rains so much here when the sun comes out literally everyone is out and creates a mad house lol 🙂

I had planned to meet my folks for this festival east of Seattle but I got stuck in so much traffic that I started to get stressed, so I just turned around and came back home. And I am glad I did. I have been housing sitting for my brother and his wife while they are in Spain and their house is still in the city but off in a residential neighborhood, so while the chaos was going on out in the roads I settled down with a drink out on their patio and just relaxed. It was the best thing ever for me lately.

It was 72 degrees out blue sky, birds chirping and totally still and quiet. It was literally everything I had wished for, sitting at a house on a hill relaxing, except it’s still in Seattle and not In France or Italy LOL.

photo (5)

{Surfing the internet & reading Vogue}

The thing I love about a warm day in October is that here in the PNW it’s still warm but there is this fresh scent, this almost new air. The sun is shining the weather is warm but there is still a small bite. You can get away with some shorts and a tank but I like my denim so I decided to create a look for a stroll down the street or meeting friends at the neighborhood bar for an Indian Summer Weekend.

Indian Summer


I figured I would probably start the day off with just this gorgeous lightweight tank and sunnies with a pair of denim and these super sexy stacked Zara heels. This is a great look for a daytime lunch meeting and if your planning on walking around for the day I say switch up the heels for a pair or flats or sandals. As the day moves on the cool breeze starts to kick in even though the sun is still shining. I would top off this look with a loose-fitting shorter sleeved sweater and of course my go to wide-brimmed hat. Add this gorgeous Miu Miu bag for a light bit of color and there you go. The perfect relaxed/sexy and stylish look for a weekend Indian Summer.

What would you wear?



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