Seattle Weekend-What to see,wear & Do in the Rain

I am back in Seattle for a few months, back in my hometown. Fall has finally graced us with its presence which means the rain and wind has made the Pacific Northwest their home for the next few months. I miss Los Angeles, but I am actually a little excited to be back now because September through January are my absolute favorite times to be here, plus I have an excuse to pull out my cozy sweaters, jackets, you know all that fantastic winter accessories for this time of year. So I decided since this weekend was so stormy and rainy out I would create something from my home town. Places I love to go when the sunshine runs off to hide and its grumpy sisters, the wind and rain come out to play.

I personally love a rainy week night. The rain kind of brings everyone inside so walking the streets at night or during the day are not as busy as they once were. I love the idea of wrapping myself up in a cozy sweater, jeans and boats. Grabbing my hat and scarf, stopping by my favorite café to get that latte that I love so much and just walk. Enjoy the sound of the rain hitting the sidewalks, the cars driving past through the water. The smell is so fresh, and for some reason it always seems to waft the ocean smell into the city which I love.

It is also the best time to try one of those new restaurants you have been wanting to try, or sitting in a cozy bar with a drink, a snack and great company. Go check out SAM (Seattle Art Museum) or check out a movie at one of the local theatres. There is so many fantastic rainy day activities to do here your bound to find something fabulous.

So here are a couple looks for three different occasions in the fall/winter months in Seattle in the rain as well as where I would wear them to.


Living in the heart of Seattle is great because really no matter the neighborhood, if you walk out your door your either across the street or a block away from something. And most of the time it’s coffee. Seattle is known for the mega chain Starbucks, but Seattle really has so many local coffee retailers that are incredible.



Caffé Vita

Stumptown coffee

All of these shops have this very welcoming feel and I usually spend my time actually taking a seat to enjoy my coffee and do some work. On a rainy weekend or evening I would grab my dog, swing by pick up my coffee and off we’d go for a relaxed rainy walk, and I couldn’t be happier.


Seattle Rain Walk

I don’t own a rain jacket which probably doesn’t make much sense since I grew up in the PNW and I am back, but I just have never felt put together when I wore one. It is hard to always look gorgeous or stylish when you live in a climate like a Seattle fall/winter but I have always tried to. Since I don’t have a rain jacket I usually like to wear a wool or pea coat type of jacket because I have found throughout the years for me it has always kept me warm and dry. The same with a slouchy knit cap. I love a wider brimmed had but if I am just out casually at night walking the dog or in the morning somethings pulling one of these down over my head adds a really nice cozy touch to a look. I kind of live in a skinny jean through the months leading up to May because they fit the best with boots which I tend to live in. I also obsess over a cozy stylish sweater. Even if I am just walking the dog or walking myself for a casual stroll I always like to wear a nice sweater in case I stop in some place and have to remove my jacket. This Saint Laurent sweater is one of those special pieces. The price tag is high but the detail is perfection. It may look like a regular sweater the very light detail work on the shoulders is what draws me to the sweater. It’s a basic look with a tiny little twist and I love it. I always have to wear a tank or tee under any sweater I wear, I don’t know why, I just feel warmer so I have a lot of similar tanks/tee’s like this one that I tend to layer under sweaters or jackets. In the summer they are terrific alone with some jeans. I add a super cozy pea coat and a warmer colored scarf and I am on my way.

The rain just isn’t letting down and your tired of being inside. It’s Thursday night and you really just want a warm plate of something delicious and a fantastic glass of red wine. You call up your boyfriend or a few of your close friends to meet at your favorite local restaurant, but what to wear during this madness of rain? Well, there are so many local restaurants that are sheer perfection and they are all just a cab ride away. It may seem silly to hop in a cab to a restaurant you could walk to but if the rain is dumping I say pay the money in the warm cab or town car and come to dinner fairly dry.
Ristorante Machiavelli
This restaurant is one of my favorite places, it’s very small but has affordable pasta that is fantastic. It’s usually a long wait as they don’t take reservations but I personally have never waited that long but I am sure that might not always be the norm. This is one of my favorite places. If you are from Seattle and haven’t been I highly recommend it, if you’re in Seattle definitely make your way to them. Check their website before you go to make sure they are not closed.
Ba Bar is Vietnamese food done brilliantly. Their cocktails are perfection. I have been several times and each time is better than the last. Their happy hour is great, their regular menu is awesome, their staff is amazing. Again, if you haven’t been you need to go, if you’re visiting you need to go.
This is comfort food done right. It is located in West Seattle, right on the corner in this tiny little space. A very warm and inviting space, but also fairly small. Wood booths and some tables and a small bar. The menu has things like meatloaf, fried green tomatoes, tacos, everything. On a rainy night it is damn good comfort.
Seattle Rain Dinner

For me when I go out to dinner I feel like it’s an event and I like to make an effort. It doesn’t really matter where I am going I like to dress up a little. For a rainy night out to dinner I would probably wear something similar to the above look. A pair of skinny black pants or maybe even a pair of skinny black denim, a lightweight top like this fabulous peplum top, top it with a leather jacket, a fabulous tote bag, a matte red lip color and a splash of bright pink loafers. I feel like people shy away from color when the fall/winter season approach but I love a hint of color or even a lot of color in the fall.

THE RAINY NIGHT OUT with Cocktails

The best and most fun thing to do on a rainy night out is to drink. Nothing says a fun Friday night/weekend than hanging out with your friends at a local bar or lounge with a few cocktails and laughs. The one thing Seattle doesn’t lack is bars, there are so many places to choose, from a dive bar, to a sexy lounge, to a sports bar, Seattle does have a lot to choose from.


ART Lounge @ Four Seasons Hotel

First things first. It is not cheap. But, so long as your prepared to pay some $$$$ then it will be a good time. It is the Four Seasons Hotel lounge, facing the Puget Sound with floor to ceiling windows, cozy sofas and chairs, fantastic drink list and the best mini donuts. {get the mini donuts.}

Alibi Room

The Alibi Room is in Post Alley across from the gum wall at Pike Place Market. They have a full menu with really great pizza but it is also just a fun place to go and get drinks. It is a dark bar with a second bar downstairs when the upstairs gets full. Great drink list, great wine list, great pizza, plus I love the location being at the Pike Place Market.

Sun Liquor

Sun Liquor has two locations, I have only been to the location on Summit, it is actually down the road from another bar called the Lookout which I also recommend. Sun Liquor has a very chill environment and I just can’t get enough of their cocktails. So delicious, especially after a yummy meal.

When I go out for drinks I sometimes like to put in the effort I used to when going out. I am not a club goer anymore so I don’t always like to go over board, but I do love me some skirts. I also love taking a sexy skirt and adding a tougher touch with a more casual top. This look will take some explaining because I know once you see it they way it is you’ll probably go what was she thinking. But trust me it works LOL 🙂

Seattle night out-Rain

OK, Lets begin 🙂

I found this flounce skirt by Rebecca Taylor and loved the flirt and sexy feel it had. I also love the look of plaid right now. I have always loved mixing textures and styles and thought it would be cute to mix a more casual plaid button down with a sexier, girlie, flirtier skirt.

So how this look would work to get it just right is this:

The top is where it could go all wrong, What you would need is a button down top with more of a flow. Something like silk or chiffon or something like that. It would need to be fairly fitted but not tight, loosely fit but close to the body, but skin-tight LOL. Tuck that shirt in, while it’s tucked in you want it to feel loose on your skin still. Roll the sleeves up just below your elbows and unbutton the shirt a little lower than normal for a sexier feel.

Add a tougher pair of heels like these Valentino’s or even a heeled ankle boot would be cute but I prefer a heel. Add a fun piece of jewelry like this lip ring and a couple delicate bracelets like these Cartier bracelets. Add a gorgeous burgundy lip, but too to. A leather jacket and a black clutch and your off.

I like this outfit a lot because it’s not completely over the top for a night to the bars but still sexy and fun.

So, what did you think? What would you wear out on a Rainy evening?


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