Marc Jacobs Beauty & Paris

Last week I decided to spend some time in Seattle ( I currently live just outside of the city) because I was getting truly bored and needed some alone time with the city and myself. I was planning on meeting my friend but he wasn’t off work until 5pm so I figured I would hang out at a coffee shop and putter around on my computer and then shop a bit. Well I am not exactly raining money right now but I wanted something. I wasn’t planning on buying anything but when I popped into Sephora I saw all the new Marc Jacobs products out and got really excited. I adore Marc Jacobs and was so excited to hear he was creating this fabulous beauty line.

The colors are fantastic and I really want to try the foundations etc. But as I was checking out all the lipsticks I kind of became a little obsessed with the “saboteur “ color which is the really beautiful deep burgundy color.

I took a couple of photos of the lipstick, but the first one’s I took were in my car when I was waiting for my friend and the lighting was terrific but I notice my car was dirty lol so I took some tonight but it is a little bit darker so I do apologize, I hope you can kind of tell what I am getting at LOL. 🙂


IMG_1579 IMG_1580 IMG_1581 IMG_1583 IMG_1587

{Tried to make it look like lips LOL }



{Sorry, bad picture, but I put the color on very heavy then lightly tabbed some of it off to get this beautiful color.}

While I was out I also stopped at Anthropologie which is one of my favorites stores, not only for clothes but they have some of the best books and home goods as well. I was just meandering around the store admiring everything they had and secretly stashing away my birthday/Christmas list when i cam across this stack of books on Paris. Paris fashion mostly but there was this book “Paris was ours” a book compiled of “32 writers reflect on the city of Lights”. I am kind of obsessed with this idea of going to stay in Europe for a few months in Germany with family and then making my way towards Paris to stay awhile. I have a real fascination with France and I don’t know why and I do believe i should go there to find out :). When I get to a point where I just can’t take mean, rude and just plain horrible people, when I can’t handle the traffic, when I just need my space I always go to my happy place which is a small cottage in Provence France, high a top a beautiful hill of trees and lavender where I can be in silent just reading, writing and taking photographs. Where I can ride my bike into the small town a mile away and drink wine and just be me.

Anyways…..I bought that book. 🙂


I am off to bed now to start reading my journey through Paris.

Bonne Nuit!! {Good Night!!}  🙂



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