65th Emmy Awards Red Carpet

The 65th Annual Emmy Awards are winding down, but the red carpet talk is just beginning. Who was your favorite tonight? Did you love the Awards show? How did Neil Patrick Harris do? and of course who was your favorite on the red carpet?
Here are a few of my favorites.



{This look is definitely one of my favorites tonight.}

150_1650_350 (1) 150_1672_350

{I love this dress. I love that it is a bit higher in the front.}

150_1676_350 150_1681_350

{This color looks so great on her and I could not get over how insane her body is. She looks gorgeous}

150_1684_350 150_1686_350

{She looks gorgeous and he looks handsome. Love it. }



{I am not going to lie, I am not totally familiar with who she is but she is stunning and I LOVE this dress.}150_1713_350 150_1723_350

{Rose Byrne is one of favorites and this look of hers is my favorite! Bobby Cannavale is one of my favorite actors and love that he won for his work on boardwalk Empire }

150_1731_350 150_1732_350 150_1734_350 150_1739_350 150_1747_350

{This dress is so chic. I love it. }150_1756_350 150_1771_350 150_1773_350


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