The Interview Look

photo (3)

I am not working right now in the hopes that I will be able to finally become my own boss doing what I love and not have to work in an office doing something I kind of like or can tolerate or just plain don’t love like I had been doing for so long. But The real world is rearing it’s ugly in head in the shape of a dwindling pocket book and I realize that I am probably going to have to find a job. *Sigh*.

Last Friday I had an interview for a company here in Seattle that I think would be kind of fun. I hadn’t been on an interview for a long time and considering the style of company I figured I could go with a more casual look and skip the blazer.

This photo’s were very last-minute photos and taken with my friends Iphone. I wasn’t completely prepared and I kind of wished I would have thought about taking the photos in the morning once I was totally and immediately finished getting ready but I was picking him up and I was like “Oh hey, I should totally document this look!”

I don’t love how I look in these but well it what it is lol 🙂 I figured I could just not post them but I really wanted to, I don’t know why.

photo 2 (19)

photo 3 (10)

Top is from Nordstrom, Pants Old Navy, Shoes Nordstrom, Watch Marc Jacobs, Necklace Stella & Dot, Ring ASOS, Nail Color Vintage Vamp from MAC


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