August Recap

This summer has by far been the most stressful and the busiest summer I have really ever had. End of July I drove back from Los Angeles to Seattle where I am going to stay probably through Christmas and then embark on another adventure, this time with a little more thought.

I was in Seattle for a week or so before I left for another long drive with my mom to Calgary Alberta to see family and were there for about a week. We got back and then went to my cousins lovely wedding and I and my friend drove to Mt. Saint Helens, Astoria Oregon and Canon Beach Oregon for the final days of summer.

If you follow my instagram @gennphoto you probably saw a few of my photos from this weekend but I thought I would add a couple of photos as like a end of summer recap.


photo 2 (15)

{Driving down the 90 to Calgary}

photo 1 (10)

{Stopped for lunch in Cle Elum Washington, home of the Giant Burgers on French Bread & the best fried mushrooms}

IMG_1361 (2)

{Outside of Calgary Alberta on our way back to Washington}

IMG_1353 (2)

{Banff Springs hotel, view from the pool. Reminds me of Germany}

IMG_1364 (2)

{I know now the best picture but I LOVE the gloom, fog and a touch of sunlight on it’s way out}

IMG_1350 (2)


{ we stopped at this shop the Creamery and I bought this tonic and lotion and my skin has never felt better. Products are all hand made, raw products. Definitely check their website}


{Mount St. Helens this weekend. If you are in Washington I suggest checking it out because it is lovely and the history of the mountain erupting is worth learning. If you go in the summer though beware the flying ants they were everywhere and very annoying. Also to enter the learning exhibit does cost $8 but if you don’t know the history of the mountain it is worth the $8 bucks. }


{Haystack rock in Canon Beach, OR scene from the Goonies as well and the most beautiful place to end summer}

IMG_1401 IMG_1426


I have a small video I took, like 20 seconds but I can’t post it here.

How did you spend your end of summer?


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