Wanderlust Wednesday-Summer Road Trip

I recently drove from Los Angeles to Seattle and made a few stops along the way. It was a long drive with all the stops but it was a lot of fun.

I realized I hadn’t done a one of these posts in quite some time and thought my road trip was sort of the perfect trip to write about.

I posted a few photos from my Instagram from my trip and while I loved the entire trip I have to say San Francisco is still my favorite.

We stopped off to see the Hearst Castle which was so magical, very lovely and I couldn’t have spent all day there. Actually it made me feel like I wanted to go back in time during that era to experience it in its true form.

We drove down Highway 1 along the coast which was beautiful but the roads curved so bad I started getting a little car sick. We stopped in Monterey and Carmel by the Sea which is adorable and I would love to go back for a long weekend.

We stayed the night in San Francisco and had dinner at Forbes Island restaurant which is at pier 39 by the seals, it is a restaurant that is actually an island, it floats and is under the water. Food was delicious but had a little bit of a hard time because of the movement, still a great experience.

photo (2)


photo 2 (12)

{San Francisco ChinaTown}

photo 4 (4)

{Highway 1, California Coast}

photo 3 (4)

{San Francisco}

photo 4 (6)

{Big Sur, California Coast}

madonna inn

{Madonna Inn}

photo 1 (9)

{San Francisco, View from our hotel room}

photo 5 (3)

{Monterey, CA}

I also wanted to give you three options for a comfortable road trip. I spent most of my drive in maxi skirts or summer dresses. The weather was warm pretty much everywhere except SF I just added a sweater to my look when there.

summer road trip

The first look is what I wore the most on the trip, I wore a lot of maxi skirts and tank tops with my black sandals. I love this look because it’s the perfect look for a warm day a high-waisted maxi skirt with a cropped tank top with just a peek of skin. I don’t feel comfortable with skin showing with my body right now so I just wore a regular tank.

The second look is something I wore when we were driving the most along the coast or where I knew I would be outside on the beach the most. Just a casual T with the sleeves cut off cut off shorts and my favorite vans.

The last look is a great look for a long drive and then maybe a stop in a city for a bit. A cozy cool summer dress. I love the ombre color of this dress and the high low hems. Perfect for summer.

Have you had any fun trips this summer? what do you wear on a road trip?


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