Taking Flight-My go to items for an enjoyable flight

I am going to Seattle this weekend and I won’t lie. Flying has become one of my least favorite things to do. I love to travel but the process of getting to the airport, parking, going through security and then making your way to your seat is a bit stressful for me. But it’s really just me I think.

I fly more now than I used to and I have little by little figured out what works for me to prepare for my flight. What I like to wear, what I pack, what I bring for a carry on etc.

I used to hall my carry on suitcase, a tote bag and then my purse. In my tote I would have my laptop, camera, 4 magazines, two books (because I always for some reason read at least three books at once) and something to write in. I would end up only reading through one magazine and then just sitting there or watching a movie on my iphone/ipod.

What I realized is I don’t need all of that, I don’t really need to bring my laptop because I don’t really use it when I am on vacation, I don’t need two books, one is enough, and 4 magazines is just ridiculous. What I have started doing is only have my carry on suitcase and my purse. My purse is big enough that if I need to bring a book and 1 magazine they will fit in my purse.

I also pick up a bottle of water once I get through security for when I fly, I also carry hand sanitizer with me and use religiously as well as my pack of Emergen C vitamin pack, I really like the Tangarine flavor, but any citrus one is good with me. I use these on a fairly regular basis and they seem to do the trick. I especially take them more frequently before I fly and when I am flying.

When it comes to flying attire I try to keep it as comfortable as possible but still somewhat stylish. You will never catch me flying in my PJ’s.

Flying in the summer time is really about layering, it’s hot outside, it’s cool in the airport and for some reason it’s always freezing on the plane. Typically I am in jeans, flats, Tee and a sweater, in the summer I tend to just wear a super comfy dress and bring along a lightweight cardigan or sweater.

Below is a look I love for a summer flight.


Most of my flights are quick three-day trips so sometimes a nice tote bag or “weekender” is the best. It’s enough room for all my things but takes up a little less space that a suitcase would. I added a gorgeous gray Mui Mui tote, because with this size I can have my essentials, but still had a book and maybe a rolled up magazine. A pair of nude flats are perfect for me. I typically don’t wear sandals only because with sandals my feet get cold and with the flats they are still good for summer but keep my feet a little warmer on the plane. Going through security is my biggest pet peeve so removing a ton of jewelry is a pain, so I just added a small ring, which I can take off and just place somewhere in my tote. I ADORE this Rebecca Taylor ombre shirt dress. Lightweight and still so chic. For a more dressed up look just add a pair of heels and the right accessories and your set for a night out. This Helmut Lang sweater is the perfect add-on if I get chilly on the plane.

What are your essential items for a flight? What do you like to wear on the plane?


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