The Jumpsuit-Work, Weekends and Evenings

The jumpsuit keep popping up all over the place, celebrities are rocking this look everywhere you look. It’s such a fun fresh look and I gotta say I have always been a fan of the jumpsuit. Even when it wasn’t so popular.

I think a lot of the time people feel like that the jumpsuit is really only for the celebrities or uber skinny gals. Well, I don’t agree. I feel that the jumpsuit can really look great on anyone and anywhere it’s choosing the right jumpsuit for the right body size. I also think that a jumpsuit isn’t for just a night out on the town or some place a little more dressy.

Here are some of my favorites and then a couple looks centered around the jumpsuit.


SEA $395


Monique Lhuillier $1990 {My totally out of reach but dream Jumpsuit}


O’2nd Dhalia Print Jumpsuit $525


Stella McCartney $1445


Topshop Jumpsuit $130


Topshop T-shirt Jumpsuit $120


RiverIsland $90 {This goes to size 18}


Forever21 $27.80


Forever21 $32.80


ASOS Curve $42.43 {This goes to size 24}

The jumpsuit is actually quite versatile and I really think you can get away with a jumpsuit at work. You just need to A: Choose the right style & B: Accessorize it properly.

Below is look I chose for work. This Jumpsuit is a bit dressy but in a way that is good. You can look powerful and stylish at work and then it works well for an evening out, date or even a family function.


Jumpsuit #1

What I love about this jumpsuit is that it does give the illusion of a soft sexy draped top and a nice pair of slacks. This is the perfect type of jumpsuit for a work atmosphere. It brings a nice sexy but polished look when you are meeting with clients or customers, or running to a business dinner. Add this striped blazer for a just a punch which balances the jumpsuit. Add a couple of silver bangles, nothing to flashy for the accessories I like to think with a jumpsuit it;s already a powerful piece that maybe for accessories just either a big necklace, or a bracelet or a cocktail ring but all of them together. I love these pumps. The metal accents are so much fun, and if you take the blazer off during the day you still have a little glimpse of something special in the shoes. Add a nice tote for work and you got yourself a great business look.

Now, If you wanted to go straight from the office to the bar to meet friends or meet a date here is all you would need to do. You have a nice big clutch with you so if you know your going out right after work I suggest keeping a clutch tucked in your nice big tote and maybe a pair of strappy heels which you can just pull out and keep under your desk at work until it’s time to change. When the time comes to get ready for the night just swap those pumps out for a pair of your favorite strappy sandals. Swap the tote for a nice clutch, something colorful would be ideal to add a nice pop to the solid color of this look. Or add a pop of color with your shoes. If you wanted to you could add a lip color too. Add a fresh coat of mascara and there you have it. A work to-night look.


Jumpsuit #2

I love this jumpsuit for a night out. Especially for the summer. I love the collar, I love the cut out, I love the sleeves, I love the belt. I LOVE EVERYTHING! Which is why I love this jumpsuit for a night out. Wear this to meet the gals, for a date, honestly I’d even wear this to a family get together. With this jumpsuit, you could add a nice statement necklace, but I added a couple very cute bracelets and a subtle cocktail ring instead. A pair of red/orange strappy sandals and a nice solid clutch and I am ready to go. With this look I would probably wear my go to hair style, which is a messy top knot, but make it more structured with just a hint of mess. Messy/Sexy 🙂


Jumpsuit #3

I realize that all three looks a little dressed up, but the jumpsuit can definitely be dressed down for a more casual approach. I love the color of this jump suit. I added this gorgeous necklace from Stella & Dot and a pair of super amazing nude heels. I love the idea of a daytime clutch and I LOVE this one. This look is something you could go meet someone for lunch, an afternoon art gallery show or even a wedding.


Jumpsuit #4

My final look is a look I would wear on a lazy Sunday. Brunch with friends, drinks on the patio, farmers market and then well into the evening which is why I added the cardigan. I would wear this one alone, but maybe add a small black belt (which I forgot) layer a couple necklaces, some cute neutral sandals a bucket bag and my favorite ray-bans. Pull your hair up if it’s long, or wear it in a loose side braid.

Are you totally into the jumpsuit look? What is your favorite look?


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