Everyday Products


I decided I would post a little bit about what my everyday products look like and what I use on a regular basis makeup wise.

When it comes to makeup I am very very minimal. I am always in a hurry and like things to be as effortless as possible but still looking flawless.

I hadn’t mastered the “no make-up, Make-up” until recently. Well it feels and looks a little like no makeup to me.

On a typical day I will usually just go make up free with only my go to moisturizer which is the Olay anti wrinkle day lotion. I use this like water If I don’t use this I feel naked and my skin knows when I don’t have it on. I love this facial lotion, the smell the texture everything. I have oily skin with dry patches on my cheeks and nose, and some facial lotions make my oily skin even oiler but not this. I love this. It also has SPF 15 which is a must for me. All my lotions or makeup need to have an SPF or else I will “Fry like bacon” (line from Dazed and Confused lol).

If I want to add a little make up for work or going out I keep it very minimal but my change-up my eyes from a light bronze color to just a thick black cat eye liner. Ever since I got this DD creme from my Julep Maven box it’s the only thing I use. I use my fingers to apply all over my face, jaw and neck so everything looks even. I let the DD creme soak in and you can see the change it makes to your skin. I have red areas on my checks, chin and around my nose so I use my new obsession, Amore Pacific corrective. I got this from my May Glossybox and it is truly a wonder product. I add this to red areas and where I need it and it corrects my skin tone perfectly. I LOVE THIS!!!!

I will touch up my skin with this Estee Lauder bronzer to give my skin some warmth, my Pixi (i think) eye liner from Target in this gorgeous light broze color. I will typically add my Smashbox bronze eyeshadow with this liner. Honestly that’s when I am really putting in some effort. On a typical work day I will just use the DD Creme, corrector, bronzer and mascara and call it a day. Add my Fresh lip tinted Lip Balm and walk out the door.

This Estee Lauder Mascara was in my Manrepeller Glossybox and it’s the perfect mascara, enough thickness, and definition.

So that’s my typical make up day/night!

Whats your go to makeup look?


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