Socialbliss Style Spotlight: Chloe Black of and I can vogue if I want to

A couple of months ago I got the opportunity to join Socialbliss as a style ambassador along with some other amazing fashion bloggers. Socialbliss is a place where fashion loving people can go to share their fashion inspirations and passions.

I had the lovely opportunity to interview Chloe Diane of  and i can vogue if i want to. 




Name: Chloe Black

Socialbliss Ambassador Since?: April 1st

All time favorite fashion designer?: This is way too hard. I definitely have to be the stubborn person and not put only one. If I had to choose ONE, Marc Jacobs BUT I have to throw in Lauren Conrad and Orly Shani. Both of those two have been my inspiration while working towards my dreams!

Celeb’s closet I’d most like to raid?: This is another hard one! I’d have to go with Nicole Richie or Victoria Beckham. My style is all over the place, which I think matches with my personality. I see a lot of myself in Nicole Richie but I also love myself a pair of thin heels with a sleek dress, which is where my Victoria Beckham comes in. They’re both amazing!

What inspires my style?  Hmm, well when it comes to who inspires my style, besides my given fave celebs, it would have to be my mother and my twin sister. Both of them are and always have been very chic and classy woman and I learned a lot about myself and my style through them. What inspires my style? I’d have to say my personality. You can tell a lot about me right away from what I’m wearing, which is something I love about myself too. You’ll almost always see me in something with some sort of leopard print on it. That’s my trademark!

Favorite item that I am selling in my Socialbliss Marketplace?: This would be my Crystal Studded Leather Wrap bracelet. It goes with everything and adds the perfect touch to every outfit. I wear it almost everywhere! Great piece! Find it here:


Thanks so much Chloe!! Don’t forget to visit her at her blog


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