4 Favorite Denim Shirts & 3 Looks

After my last post I started to think about the denim shirt. It is literally everywhere and honestly, just denim jeans a denim shirt looks good with pretty much everything.

The denim shirt is really versatile, it can be worn to work with a nice pencil skirt, with a pair of patterned pants, or open over another top or dress as almost like a jacket, which is great for the summer. I chose a couple of my favorites below, most are pretty common denim or Chambray shirts, but I did add a fun one into the mix.

ASOS Curve Denim 4243 2970

{This is from one of my favorite sites to shop. Asos.com I love everything they have and most of their stuff is pretty affordable. This is from their curve collection at it is originally $42.43 but on sale for $29.70}

Forever 21 cutout d denim 1780

{Now, this is the denim top that I think is just so much fun. What I love about this top is of course the cut out shoulders, the studs on the collar and the gold buttons. This top looks great they way it’s styled, but i think it would also look great either with a shorter skater skirt or a pencil skirt and pair of sexy heels. This is from Forever21 at $17.80}

Gap Denim shirt 1

{Gap denim top. I love the western feel to this top. This is a top I would double up on the denim, or a pair of skinny black pants and heels. Gap.com $49.95}
Jcrew western denim top 98

{Now, this is the most expensive choice at $98, and it does look somewhat similar to the Gap shirt, but here is why I like this. I have seen this top in person and what I LOVE about it is that it is such a structured top. It feels worn, like a really great vintage top, it’s a bit thicker which honestly I really like, it is just an all around terrific top.}

Now onto the looks! I wanted use the denim top a couple different ways so below is what I came up with.

Untitled #59

{For this look I wanted to keep it focused on the skirt and keep everything else pretty neutral. I love this skirt with the Madewell Denim shirt. I would tuck in the shirt for a more fitted feel and roll up the sleeves. This is a look that I think would work for a work meeting or even to the office. This is something I would wear to work for sure. }

Untitled #60

I actually love this look. It’s very fun and can be worn a couple of ways. I chose to go for a look that I could wear for a summer evening for drinks or dinner. I used the same Madewell denim shirt but with this look I would leave it open and roll up the sleeves. These pants are insanely adorable. I love the loose fit and the pleats, but you have to be careful not to add a baggy shirt. This tank is loose fitting but what I would to is tuck in the top so it and just pull it out a little so it is still loose but more put together. That way if I had to take the denim top off I would still look sleek and sexy. I added a sexy pair of heels a simple triangle ring and stacked simple bangles with a studded bracelet for some accessories. Add a clutch for a really relaxed but sexy look. To make it a little more casual just add a pair of sandels and maybe a cute straw tote for a day look.

Untitled #61

{This look is more of a sophisticated look. I love a maxi skirt for summer and I of course love denim, why not create a more elegant look with the denim shirt. I would tuck this into the skirt, roll the sleeves up. Put my hair into a high top knot bun. The heels, watch and bracelet and orange clutch add a nice touch and swipe on a red lip to tie it all together.

How do you wear the denim shirt?


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