Marilyn Monroe

It’s Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday. In celebration of such an icon I decided to do a Monroe Inspired look.


I love Marilyn Monroe. I know I am not the only one either. She was beautiful, funny, sexy and above all memorable.

For me though, my favorite photos are when she is vulnerable not posing. It almost seems sometimes that she got so used to being in the spotlight and being known as a “sex symbol” that she posed in almost every photo of her. The photos I love are when she is caught in a moment. She is incredibly relatable. She always seemed to have a smile on her face, always happy but hiding sadness.


I found a few photos that I think represent her in a way I really like to see her, casual, relaxed and free 🙂







Marilyn-Monroe-marilyn-monroe-30054070-1024-1196 MHG-MMO-WR-3-ABG-201-150x150

When I was trying to think of a look that reflected Marilyn in a way I wanted to appreciate here I saw the below photos of her in this gorgeous casual stripped dress. She looked stunning and completely fresh. A look I would wear today. I also love her in her white cropped pants and black turtle neck. What I wanted to do was replicate both looks.



I chose this adorable stripped sleeve top with a pair of cropped white pants. I added a pair of nude heels because I saw her wear a pair in a couple of photos with a pair of cropped pants. I chose her traditional red nails, Chanel No.5 because I read somewhere that she wore that, and her signature red lipstick.

What I found online is that her makeup artist and good friend used 5 layers of different types of red lipstick, but I also read somewhere that she wore Diabolique by Guerlain which is now known as Insolence de Rouge 522. I was able to find it from Nordstrom which I used in this look.

Marilyn Monroe

So, in honor of Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday, Happy Birthday!!


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