San Francisco Pt. 1

I went to San Francisco last weekend, and yes, I did leave my heart in San Francisco. There is something incredibly special about San Francisco, you can easily get lost in this dreamy city. The people, the culture, the fact that it’s a big city with just a few minutes across the Golden Gate Bridge you can begin your trek into some of the most beautiful and peaceful landscapes. I had always been fond of the city because of the history, mostly of the 60’s. The counter-culture of the mid 60’s ,peace and love and rock and roll. My father lived by music of this genre and it grew on me and I to became a huge fan of the music of this time and of the culture. I had always wished that if I could go back in time I would situate myself in San Francisco in the mid 60’s. I was/am also a HUGE fan of “beat generation”, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, I remember when I went to the bar that Jack Kerouac frequented I was beyond in awe. But San Francisco is so much more, it is a magical city and I really didn’t get enough time to truly enjoy what the city has to offer. But, in the short about of time we were there,  it was the right amount of time to get me hooked and ready to go back for more.

Here are only a few of the pictures I took. The remainder of my photos are of Alcatraz, MOMA & Heath Ceramics.



{The View from our Hotel room. Westin Hotel on Market}


{Union Square I believe, lots of shopping.}


{They have a Diptqyue store and I splurged and bought a candle. I LOVE their candles. I got the Sandlewood.}


{Going across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito.}

photo 2 (38)

{Tonga Lounge at the Fairmont. This Bar was the most fun.}


{Terrible Picture I know, but there is a pool in the middle with a boat that floats to the middle with a band. }


{Buzzed Blurred picture of the top of the hill outside of the Fairmont. I just thought it was so pretty with buildings and the fog. Not my best. }

MOCA Coffee

{Blue Bottle Coffee Co. & Mondrian Inspired cake at the MOMA}

photo 1 (41)

Sutro Baths 2





{The Sutro Baths. Quite beautiful.}

photo 4 (30)



{San Francisco Skyline in the fog early Monday Morning}


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