Wanderlust Wednesday-Wine Country

I recently got back from San Francisco and totally forgot how amazing and beautiful Northern California was. I love Southern California but there is something special about Northern California.

The air is crisper, the mountains, the ocean, the views just all of it is so lovely. When I drove from Seattle down to Los Angeles I initially just took interstate 5 but really wanted to take the 101 on the final leg of my drive. I drove into Vaccaville just about 1 hour outside of San Francisco. The next morning I was up and on the road by 6:30am and got to watch the sun rise across the valley and it was truly breathtaking. I had honestly forgot how much I LOVE Northern California. It really reminds me a lot of the Pacific Northwest, with the beautiful farm lands, mountains the water, everything.

The whole drive down the 101 was incredible and I am glad I didn’t stay on the 5 because it was really boring.

So, back on track, last weekend I met my good friend in San Francisco, he came from Seattle and I came from L.A. and it was the best time. I really wished I had more time spend in SF, we only really had one full day, but I will write more about SF later. We drove over to Sausalito and I got to thinking how nice and relaxing it would be to make my way to Napa or Sonoma wine country for a weekend. I have never been, which for a wine lover like myself seems ridiculous 🙂 .


So I kind of thought about what I would do if I had the opportunity to spend a relaxing weekend in Napa or Sonoma.

1. Start of booking a room a luxury resort, because if I am going to go I am going to go big right?!

2. Book a spa day, preferably something where I got a massage, and maybe a pool overlooking the gorgeous valley? again, it’s dreaming big.


3. enjoy a glass of wine outside at sunset by a fire, preferably joined by a handsome man for deep conversation and some laughs 🙂

4. Wake up in my cozy plush bed and hit the town taking in all there is to take in in Napa. Hit some lovely wineries really getting the full experience.



5. Finish my weekend off with some new friends, relaxed mind and body and maybe a case or two or three…..ten of wine.

I also got to thinking of a look for my wine tasting experience. I anticipate walking a bit when I am at the wineries so I wanted to be comfortable but still classy and ready the sunshine.

Untitled #51

When creating a look for my Wine Country rendezvous I wanted to keep it really classic, I love a white button down shirt and this top is a fun take on a classic white button down. It’s loose, light and romantic. I added an adorable striped skirt. I ADORE this skirt and it honestly would look great with anything, a denim button down, a lace top, basic tee, or even add a blazer and a pair of pumps for work. I love these DVF  wedges but I also would add a pair of sandles or flats to my tote bag in case my feet really started to ache. Segway into the tote bag, when doing something like a wine tour or farmers market I like something fairly big like this tote bag, something I can just sling onto my shoulder but I can stash things in it too like an extra pair of shoes, my Kate Somerville sunscreen and a bottle or 4 of wine. just kidding. 🙂

Add a pair of big sunnies and pop of color on your nails, some statement bracelets are you got yourself a cool and casual wine tasting look.

I also had another look I used I think last year or the year before for a memorial day wine tasting and it is also a nice feminine look for a day or tasting.

Memorial Day Weekend

What’s your favorite look for a wine tasting?


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