Online Shopping & Maven Box By Julep

I did a little more shopping last week, It is the most I have shopped in a really long time, and when I checked my mail today I have three packages.

There are some Pro’s and Con’s to online shopping. First off It’s totally dangerous, there are so many online retailers that it can get a little dangerous on your credit cards. I mean you can literally order ANYTHING. I personally love online shopping a whole lot more just because there are more options, (I’m tall and curvy) plus I hate crowds so shopping at a mall or stores and get a bit overwhelming for me.

The Con’s about online shopping is that you don’t get to try the clothes or shoes on and then when you get them it can either be great or a  total let down. When i shop online it’s usually pretty certain that something won’t fit and I have to send it back. BUT NOT THIS TIME!!!

When I moved to L.A. I left a bunch of clothes in storage and at my parents back in Seattle in the hopes that I would ship it down to me shortly after so I only came with a few pieces of clothing. I am still trying to move to a new apartment so I have been holding off on having them send stuff but that means I had been recycling my clothes, and some of my favorite tops were starting to get holes in them. Clearly a time for new clothes.

I went to my favorite site to shop their clothes are all really affordable and fit me pretty well. The pants are usually long enough for my long legs and the sleeves are always long enough for my E.T. arms.

I also like to shop at the GAP, again their clothes fit nicely on my and their pants fit long.

packages 1


gap jacket


{ Utility Jacket on sale for $61.99}


{ASOS Curve Leather look with cutouts Pencil skirt $46.55}


{ASOS Curve Sleeveless Blouse  $49.88. Sorry for my messy closet}


{ASOS Curve Cut out shoulders. $26.60. This size is a bit big but I kind of like that because it makes it drape nicely and would look super sexy for a night out with skinny black pants and some super sexy strappy heels}


{This Top I was really disappointed about. It looked so romantic and pretty online but when I got it washed me out and it was WAY TO BIG. it’s getting returned. $63.18}


{Shoulder cut out Tee $19.95. This is much more fitted and really cute on.}


{Old Navy Swimsuit coverup. I got one size up and it’s a bit big but because it’s a cover up I like that. more relaxed. $29.94}


My other surprise was my Maven box from Julep is a nail parlor from Seattle, WA (My hometown). Their salons are only in the Seattle area but their nail colors are to die for. They are creamy and the color is so vibrant and creamy, they are just fantastic.

When I signed up for the Julep Maven box I signed up through free samples and got my first box. it came with two nail colors a robins egg blue and a metallic black as well as a foot scrub and some hand lotion. I had forgotten I left my credit card number on there so they shipped me another monthly box.

So when I got my box today I really had no idea what to except, so when I opened it I was really pleasantly surprised, it was their ode to the roaring 20’s, really just in time for The Great Gatsby.

Maven 1

Maven 2

Maven 4

Maven 5

Maven 6

{These colors are so pretty. Color on the left is a really fun tomato red, the middle is a sheer coral/orange and the last is a sheer shimmer nude. They are very nourishing and very silky}

Maven 7

{ I put on the light purple color tonight and it’s my new favorite. It’s this beautiful pearly iridescent purple}



4 thoughts on “Online Shopping & Maven Box By Julep

    • Rain Shine says:

      Your going to love the Maven box from Julep. It’s by far my new favorite thing. The shirt is my new favorite thing too. I’m wearing it today, it’s probably the second time this week. It’s gorgeous. 🙂

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