Mini Retail Therapy

This was a rough week for me. Not just at work, but emotionally. Today is my Friday and I have family coming into town next weekend and then San Francisco the following weekend so I decided to do a little shopping. I didn’t get a lot but I am excited about the items I got.

My first stop was at Nordstrom. Back on Easter weekend I was in Seattle seeing family and I was at Nordstrom getting my watch resized and was browsing the accessories they had out and these leather bow bracelets caught my eye. Now, typically I hate anything with bows on them. There just a tad bit to girly for me but there was something really appealing about these.

They come in five different colors, black/gold, white/gold, pink/gold, red/gold & yellow/gold. I bought the yellow/gold but I think I also want the pink/gold one too.





{The bow bracelet actually works well with layering as well especially with your watch. Cara Bow Bracelet  $38 at Nordstrom}

My next stop was Urban Outfitters

I am kind of obsessed with old vintage Tees and cutting the sleeves off. yes, you can save some money just buying an old tee at a thrift shop and cutting the sleeves off but this Tee is SUPER soft I just really loved the print on the front.


I also got this drapy light weight top. It was originally $34 and was on sale for $19. I love these types of tops because they are so cozy but really light and there is a zipper down the back which I LOVE!


This picture is hard to really justify how cute it is so I will have to wear and show soon 🙂

I also got this head band which I have been looking for something similar.


This was a bit pricy for a head band but how cute is it. $14 at Urban Outfitters

The last thing I bought was some dry shampoo and salt spray each $8.00

I have tried a few dry shampoos but only a couple that I actually liked. Tresemee (sp?) I got at Target because it was cheap but it was horrible on my hair. It made my hair even more oily plus I didn’t like how it smelt. I then tried Uberto Beverly Hills, again from Target which I LOVED…..the first time….I then got it again and didn’t appreciate it as much. I now am using an invisible dry shampoo I got from Target, (forgot the name) and it’s ok but I really just feel like i’m spraying air on my hair it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Pssssst is cheap and I love it so I bought it tonight, I like to use it on my roots even if I have already washed my hair because it adds volume and the beach spray is my favorite for that tousled feel. I also spray it on my dry hair to add some more texture.


I haven’t tried this salt spray so  I will let you know how I feel about it.

So this was my little shopping trip, I ordered a couple of things online from ASOS and Gap but I haven’t gotten them yet. I’ll share when I get them.

Whats your favorite item you recently got?


2 thoughts on “Mini Retail Therapy

  1. Tammy says:

    I always enjoy a little retail therapy, especially at the end of a tough week. I usually splurge on beauty supplies when I’m on a budget.

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