Wanderlust Wednesday-Isle of Wight

If you’re not familiar with Isle of Wight it is an island about 3 hours from London and every time I see photos of this gorgeous place I want to whisked away to the country side and ocean side of this adorable place.

Isle of Wight, Shanklin, Seashore

I know very little about this island except what I have read and what I have seen in photos but it appears to be the perfect place to relax.

I am a bona-fide city girl, but lately the quiet country sounds incredibly appealing. What I love about Isle of Wight (which I have never been, but I anticipate) is the story book villages, the ocean front countryside, and everything in between.



I also decided to do a look for the occasion. As I have never been to Isle of Wight let alone the UK I am not sure how to dress. I checked the weather for what it would be like there during this month and seemed like a lot of rain so I chose a cute look I could walk around in but also be cozy in the rain.

Untitled #50
I chose a pair of black high-waisted denim because I love a black denim. They can be casual or dressy great with flats, heels or boots. I chose this checkered button down, I love the loose casual feel to the top, keeping the sleeves rolled up a bit. I added this gorgeous bib necklace from Stella & Dot because I felt it added a touch of glamour. Lately I love adding a bit of glamour to my casual pieces so this piece can easily be left off. I added my ray ban Boyfriend sunglasses just in case, Marc Jacobs watch and Alexander Wang bucket bag. I like a bag I can carry on my shoulder when I am wandering makes it so much easier. I LOVE the green in this jacket, it’s very industrial, and rugged but still super adorable. Plus it has a hood which is probably needed in the rain. The boots might seem a bit impractical because of the heel, I think these are alright because the heel isn’t to high but by all means swamp them out for a flat pair.  Don’t forget your camera to capture what this place has to offer.
Have you ever been to Isle Of Wight? Is it beautiful? 

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