MAC Shirelle VS. Butter London Come To Bed Red

A couple of years ago I was looking for a really great red nail color for spring time and summer. It’s really a classic color but during winter and fall I tend to wear darker colors and my favorite is Mac’s Vintage Vamp, a deep red, it’s my favorite.

With a lot of let down I went back to Mac and Found Shirelle, It had slowly became my favorite red. It’s really the perfect cherry red nail color and I get so many great compliments on the color.

Then I started getting a bit into Butter London, their colors are so fun and they go by the “3 Free”  NO Formaldehyde, NO Toluene, NO DBP which I love. I got my nails done at the SeaTac Airport when I was waiting to come home from Seattle because they have a Butter London nail salon there and I really loved all the products, they all smelled clean and fresh even the nail remover.

photo 4 (21)

{Butter London Manicure}

When I was at Nordstrom I found Come to Bed Red and loved the color it was the perfect red, then when I got home I remembered that I already had Shirelle.

So which is the perfect red? Lets find out!

IMG_1258 (2)

{Mac Shirelle & Butter London}

Butter LondonMac Shirelle

As you can see they look almost identical. Butter London is really sheer, I need 3 or so layers before it looks glossy and the red I want which is kind of a pain. However, I do love the philosophy of Butter London & it actually dries really fast.

What I love about MAC is that even with one coat of color it looks creamy and shiny and when I am in a hurry the one coat is all I need. On this hand I added an additional coat to make it extra shiny and added a shine quick dry by Sally Hansen on both hands.

So Who wins?

Honestly, it’s probably a tie. I lean a little more towards MAC but I do love the Butter London.

Have you tried either of these colors or brands? Whats your favorite?


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