From work to date

Trying to keep your self presentable at work but making an early date or meeting the friends for happy hour is often a challenge.  I wanted to come up with a look that would work at the office but transitions nicely to evening.

I suppose this look really kind of depends on the office you’re in, but my philosophy on fashion in the work place is do it until they tell you that you can’t or need to change it up. Now, I wouldn’t say my advice is really good advice but it’s advice 🙂 lol. So maybe take that advice with a grain of salt Ha ha 🙂
Now onto this look. What I love about this look is that it’s polished, sexy and just really fun. I’m a sucker for a jacket with leather sleeves, I’m even more of a sucker for a blazer WITH leather sleeves. This Jacket is something that I would top off this look for the office over this adorable white peplum top. I also am getting really into patterned pants and these are great. Wear them to work or add some adorable strappy sandels and a tee for a more relaxed weekend look. I think a heel really polishes these pants up and this vibrant pair of Prabal Gurung for Target heels, great for spring and summer. I also added this gorgeous Stella & Dot statement necklace, I think it’s big but doesn’t conflict with the pattern of the pants. It’s subtle enough but I would refrain from adding to many other pieces of jewelry because you already have a lot going on.
I tie the whole look together this insanely adorable clutch from Dapper Diction, it’s big enough for a day look and I loved the hardware down the front, and also works well for an evening. I am really into a clutch for the day time which i know I am late to the game but I just love it.
It’s now 6pm, time to meet your date or just grab happy hour with your co workers, Roll up those sleeves on this jacket and swipe on a red lip. If it’s a warm night take the jacket off and show off your arms and that gorgeous top.
I am loving this look for Spring! Whats your favorite look from work to evening?

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