Polished Weekend

Tomorrow is my weekend and I am trying to think of what I want to do tomorrow. My typical day is usually getting coffee and driving around which gets boring. But, I am trying to make changes in my life which I wrote about earlier this week and I think getting out of my norm is what I really need to do.

So what is that I want to do? Not sure yet. I may go to The Grove and walk around or the Melrose trading post which I have always wanted to do. I might even go to the LACMA and finally see the Stanley Kubric exhibit which I have been dying to see.

I also got to thinking about my wardrobe. It needs some life to it, something new. I tend to wear the same thing a lot so what would be a nice sunday outfit that is totally and completely out of my norm.

Well I came up with this.

Polished Weekend

It’s a bit preppy which is typically not me but that’s the point of this, stepping out of my comfort zone. And with out the jacket it’s just effortless but still really put together. 

It’s spring time and in SoCal it’s always going to be a bit warm which is why I added the sleeveless button town, I choose this style because I loved the knot in front. It added some cuteness to it, flirty. I added a straight pair of denim in a darker shade and a pair of flats. I only added my Marc Jacobs Rose Gold watch and neutral handbag that can either just go on my shoulder or cross body. 

This look can go from meeting friends for brunch to shopping or maybe even a coffee date. 

Time for me to update my wardrobe. 


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