Instagram Recap

I recently moved to the Los Angeles area, and just went back to Seattle for couple days and took a few photos. I am annoyingly obsessed with documenting my every move with my iphone and istagram and thought I would just share a few photos.
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photo 4 (21)

{My Butter London manicure at the Seatac airport and reading “Silver Linings Playbook”}

photo 1 (32)

{Driving the PCH and taking a pit stop shot of Malibu}

photo 2 (30)

{The ferris wheel on the Puget Sound In seattle. Photo taken from the rooftop patio of a restaurant at Pike Place Market}

photo 3 (22)

{The best smile I could recieve. My dog Zeke who is still in Seattle}

photo 4 (22)

{Shopping for Easter Dinner}

photo 5 (16)

{View near my parents place in WA}

photo 2 (31)

{Handsome Coffee Roaster in DTLA. My new favorite place}

photo 1 (31)

{Hustle and Bustle of Pike Place Market}

photo 3 (21)

{Pike Place Market after hours. First time I’ve ever seen it empty}


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