Oscar Red Carpet Look

I live for Award Season. I live even more for the Oscars. It’s much more than just the fashion for me, obviously we love waiting to see what everyone is going to wear but for me it’s the actual craft of acting. Every year I like to cruise the internet for my red carpet look I would wear to the Oscars and this year is no different.

The dress I chose was a Badgley Miscka yellow peplum dress. I know this look as been seen and done before but I just adore the yellow and the peplum. I just find it so fresh and beautiful. I found this dress by Carmen Marco Valvo and I ADORE it. It


is so beautiful and romantic and kind of perfect but I would want to stand out for my first appearance on the red carpet and that is why I think I would go with something of a brighter color.

So here is the look I chose!

The dress is so bright and lots of character with the peplum, color and beaded belt so I kept any kind of accessory very simple with just a pretty statement cocktail ring. The shoe, again, is just simple and this clutch a LOVE it’s adorable it looks almost like it has small daisies on it and I think works so well with the yellow dress.
I would keep my nails a nice nude color, the makeup fresh and my hair simple with a sleek low bun. I actually like the hairstyle on this model but I think instead of a side part I would just pull it back.
Now, this may not be everyone’s favorite look for the Oscars but I LOVE!!!

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