SuperBowl Sunday

Well, the game is probably over but better late than never. I was invited to a Super Bowl party today but was unable to attend because I had to work. Covering for someone who went home sick. So I was trying to decide what I would wear to a Superbowl party. Especially for someone like me who isn’t particularly a football fan. So if I am going with friends to watch football I am honestly going for the food and alcohol. So I have to think what would I wear if I was going to a football party, I decided to keep it super casual but a bit sporty with the shoes. Here is what I came up with.


I know this look isn’t something new or special but it’s more me. I am obsessed with the platform sneakers and this is where I keep it sporty 🙂 I am also obsessed with black skinnies and long cozy sweaters. These Raybans are my favorite and a beanie is just a go to staple for me like a scarf. It’s a pretty dark outfit so I added pop of color with red nails.

What did you do for SuperBowl Sunday?


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