Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Honestly It’s not my favorite day. I can honestly say I have never had a good Valentine’s Day. I have always had a relationship end before the day (Sneaky little buggers) or I had a long distance relationship (again, sneaky little buggers).

But, sometimes it’s better get with the ladies on this day for some drinks and good times rather than sitting at home stuffing your face with food and wine and watching TV.

Or maybe you lucked out with a date for the evening with that lucky guy. Here are a couple fun and simple looks for each situation.


I love this look for a date with a guy. It’s flirty and sexy and just oh so cute. I am super obsessed with leather minis and LOVE this adorable flirty little leather piece. I would add a simple loose fitted tank but make sure to tuck it into the skirt. I added the boyfriend blazer for a bit of a more polished look and Instead of a heel with the leather I added a cute ankle bootie. I like a light vanilla scent when I am with a guy. I don’t want to over power the evening but a subtle sexy clean smell and men seem to love a vanilla scent. I kept the nail color a light bubble gum pink and the lip color a soft pink gloss. I also suggest a more natural lip maybe with a tinted lip balm, just in case you get a kiss that night. Guys typically don’t love to kiss a colored lip or a sticky glossy lip. I kept the accessories simple with just a couple bracelets and this clutch I adore! I think it’s quite fitting for Valentine’s day with the bright pink and the lip shaped piece.

valentines day
Spend some time with your ladies tonight! I like the idea of adding a red lip to this look because it will probably be a safe bet that you may not be getting a kiss and a red lip is just so chic and pretty. I also like the idea of keeping the look casual but sexy with these adorable bow heels, I love the romantic sexy feel to this silk blouse, adding some skinny black denim and front tuck the blouse into them for a effortless look. Add a pretty vintage inspired necklace and bracelets, a pretty Prada Candy scent and a lady like chain purse.
Go out and fun with your ladies, drinks, laughs and good times.

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