Golden Globes 2013

Well tonight are the Golden Globes. I just moved back to Los Angeles last Thursday so I haven’t really been in town for to long. Today was my day off from work and decided to cruise around the city. I still don’t have Internet, cable or even furniture yet so I’ve been spending a lot of time at coffee shops or just driving around. Today was one if those days. I completely forgot the globes were held at the Beverly Hills Hilton and I got stuck in the traffic. Honestly, the best traffic. I’ve ever been stuck in! 🙂 from where I was stuck I had limos pulling into the back for the red carpet, I could see through a fence the red carpet it’s self and lights and photographers. It was amazing. I didn’t get any photos because I was just so excited that by the time I passed I was like ” DAMMIT”!!!
Anyways. I’ve been staying in the loop on the red carpet and wins through buzzfeed, pop sugar and other sites and wanted to list my favorite looks from the evening that I saw.



















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