Big Changes for 2013

Hello All!!!

I had mentioned before that I had been going through a lot of things in my life. 2012 was not exactly my favorite year. It started off bad and ended up worse, but over last weekend I think I finally had lots of soul searching and came to a conclusion about where my life is heading!


14109_433944500759_1276656_n{Photo taken by me in 2007}

Yes, it’s official I am moving back to Los Angeles come January. I have a lot of emotions about this decision, I’m excited, i’m scared, i’m nervous but most importantly I am happy about my decision. I am happy I decided to just make that decision. It was impulsive for sure but I think sometimes the impulsiveness is a good thing. You don’t think about plans to much and then talk yourself out of it. Saying “when I have money, or when the time is right.” there will never really be a “right” time and you just have to do it. And thats exactly what I did.


{Hollywood close to Downtown Los Angeles, 2009 taken by me}

I don’t know what I am going to do when I get there. I don’t have a job yet, & I don’t know where I am going to stay but I am ok with that. Those are all things that will come in time. I think if I had to chose something that I really wanted to do would be something in fashion & photography. Working for a magazine or newspaper.


{Laguna Beach 2007 taken by me}

I’m excited to be warm, I’m excited for sunshine, I’m excited for the ocean. I am excited to finally be free. To feel free.

I really can’t wait!!!


2 thoughts on “Big Changes for 2013

  1. lauramacky says:

    This is the first post of your blog I’ve read, but I hope you enjoy it out here! I live in the SF Bay Area, but California is one of the most beautiful places on the planet! I hope you enjoy your new life. 🙂

    • Rain Shine says:

      Thank You! I adore California. I lived in Los Angeles for a year between 2007-2008 and miss it so. I love Northern California too. I haven’t spent as much time up there but I think on my way down I am going to spend a few days there too. Checking out S.F. a little more or the wine country. I am very excited and thank you so much 🙂

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