September Staples

Fall is here! although it doesn’t quite feel like it. It’s still pretty warm but there is that nice crispness in the air especially at night. It’s not quite time to pack up the summer items but getting close. When September rolls around I usually have a pretty basic wardrobe. denim, flats, cardigan.

This year it’s not to different. I switched out my cardigan for some army greens, and switched my ballet flats for some loafers. studded loafers to be exact. I still adore my drapy T’s and Tanks and my light weight scarves. That is just something that will never change for me. Here are a few of my favorite items for September for me!

September Staples

1. My aviators. I adore the versatility of this style of sunglasses. It’s incredibly classic and works with about any look. The sun is still shining and these are very much-needed. Honestly these never leave my side, even in the winter times. I am bound to need them. Like a pen, you always need one when it’s not there. Sunglasses are Ray-Ban Polymer Aviator $180.

2. A Drapy Tee. I swear by them. They are perfect for layering when it gets a little crisper but for right now it’s perfect for the warmer days and just throw a sweater or jacket on at night. They can be dressed up or down, denim or slacks. heels or flats. Top-Rag & Bone Maya Tee $118.

3. The Scarf. I wear them all the time. I love them. I have to many. I often feel incomplete without my scarf. Honestly it’s probably a security thing, or it’s just that I love how they look. Who knows. I usually wear a very light weight scarf through summer/fall like this infinity scarf. It’s perfect for those chilly days/nights. Scarf- Parker Blue Eternity Scarf $195.

4. Of course a good pair of denim is key. You can roll the cuffs to keep it cute and casual with some sandals or just regular with some flats. I love these from All Saints. I adore the fit, and that they don’t hug your ankle like some of the skinny ones do. It’s a skinny fit that doesn’t look like leggings. They look great with flats and super sexy with heels. Jeans-Molotov Kenta Jeans $120 All Saints.

5. I swapped out my cardigans for military inspired jackets. I adore them They really do make any outfit look a little more polished but still keeping the look effortless. Jacket-River Island Faux Leather sleeved Jacket $89

6. I wore ballet flats almost every day last year. This year I wear studded loafers everyday. These are an almost identical pair that I have except mine were around $50 or something not $185. I got mine at Nine West and they are so beyond comfortable and they spruce up an outfit with the snap of a finger. Love them. I need more loafers! Penelope Loafers $185

7. A statement necklace is another go to staple this month and probably all through autumn and winter. I just feel like it jazz’s up any outfit. And in those cold days with all those layers a beautiful piece can pull together any warm layers. I adore this Stella & Dot Olivia Bib necklace over my drapy white Tee. It adds a pop of color and totally dresses up a t-shirt and jeans uniform. Necklace-Stella & Dot Olivia Bib Necklace $118.

8. I adore dark nails for fall/winter. But I got this last year and it was and still is my go to nail color for fall. It’s insanely beautiful and so much fun. It honestly looks great with anything. Chanel Nail Colour in Peridot (Don’t Remember the price but probably around $25?)

What are your favorite September/Fall items?


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