Back to school looks.

It’s fall. Which means it’s back to school time. I always loved this time of year. I loved getting my school supplies, picking out new clothes for a new year. Deciding what my first day of school outfit will me. It’s been years since I have been in school but It still brings back all those memories of being young. So even though school is officially in session I thought I would be fun to take 1 item and plan the look two ways for school.

In most cities summer is still in full swing. The leaves may be changing but the summer heat hasn’t subsided, so I took a pair of super cute H&M scalloped hemmed shorts and chose two completely different looks. One girly and feminine, and one a little more rock and roll with a girly touch to the shorts.

Back to School

In both looks I added an outerwear item. For the girly look I added a very lightweight open cardigan and for the look on the right I added a rough denim jacket. Both for when the rooms get cold during class or if you need a pillow during one your classes {Just kidding}.

WIth the girly look I would tuck in the blouse to show off the shorts, for the edgier look I would half tuck the front so it looked more casual. I added a leopard print flat to spice up the outfit a little but still kept it feminine and an adorable ankle bootie for the other look to keep with the edgy theme.

The nice thing about these looks is I picked items that were on the more affordable side. Everything is under $100, being a student is tough but it doesn’t mean your closet has to suffer 🙂 you can always look great on a budget!

What did you wear on your first day of school?


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