DIY Tie Dye Tote Bag

I have loved all the Tie Dye looks lately and it seems to be on everything these days. So I decided to take an old plain tote bag and spice it up a little. Even though summers almost over I thought it would a great tote for the beach or a good vacation tote, but either way I am pretty pleased for the way it turned out since I haven’t done a tie dye since elementary school.

It literally took under 10 minutes to do, maybe even under 5 minutes. And all in 4 easy steps.



STEP 1. Use any type of tote bag, use some sort of bucket, dye color of your choice and protective gloves. Follow the directions on the package if you want but I totally  just kind of did it my way.

STEP 2.  I used a packet of RIT color on fuschia pink but they have any different styles to choose from. It says to use hot water but I was doing this outside and just used the hose lol {I’m lazy}

STEP 3. I only wanted the bottom of the tote bag dipped so I just soaked the bottom in the dye. Make sure not to touch the top with the gloves on because the obvious reason is you’ll get dye on it. {I did that so there is a couple of spots with dye.}

STEP 4. The Final product! I am pretty happy with the outcome. I left the bottom in the dye for about 3 minutes or so and I love that it is very dark and fades to light. The color gets more brilliant as it sets. The one thing I will say is mix the dye really really well. I am pretty sure that’s why you heat up the dye so it dissolves better.


{ Immediately after pulling it out}

{Drying in the sunshine}


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