Wedding Weekend

Last Saturday July 28th was my little brothers wedding. Well, not so little, he is 29, but little in my eyes 🙂

It was a pretty exciting moment in my family’s life as he is the first to get married between the both of us. I had mentioned that my brother and his fiance were not the most standard and traditional couple but it was nice to see a little tradition in the wedding to keep up with their quirkiness and Seattle vibe.

Their wedding was held at the Georgetown Ballroom in Georgetown, a small area south of Seattle. a link to their site to get an idea (I have more pictures to come but they haven’t been uploaded yet.) No offense to other weddings I have been to, but it was by far the best wedding! Maybe I am partial to the fact that it was my brother, but it really was just a lot of fun. At the end of the evening one of the employees stopped by father to tell him what a special night it was and they could see the love our family had. I don’t know the exact words but it was special and lovely to hear that because it is true. We all come such a close nit family dynamic that it made the evening even that more special. My brothers groomsmen and best man have been friends since 7th grade and same goes for the bride.

I was not in the wedding but I did get the chance to help a friend of mine put together the flowers and bridesmaid bouquets. My friend is brilliant at arranging flowers and has done 4 other weddings, but the closest I get to arranging flowers is taking it out of the wrapping and putting it in a vase.

Never the less once I got going it was so much fun.

I have attached a few photos of the night before and the night of for you and the rest are coming shortly.

{This is the start of some of the center pieces that I put together with my good friend Jenn. The bride used old vintage milk glass on each table. Spider mums, roses and Dahlias}

{Three of the finished bridesmaids bouquets}

{Personalized coasters}

{In Liu of a guest book they had mad libs at each place setting. }

{This is super duper blurry, so I apologize, I tried to take it myself. My army bling for the wedding and H&M clutch.}

{Lindsae, the bride, got us individual champagne bottles for out flower making party}

{At about 9pm they got a hot dog truck in the courtyard. Bratwurst, cream cheese, grilled onions & sauerkraut. My fav!!}

{My Badgley Mischka Heels I wore to the wedding}

{The blurry courtyard of the Ballroom. It was beautiful.}

{My brother and his beautiful bride.}

More to come once I upload the rest of the photos.


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