Country Wedding

When I think of a country wedding I don’t think Country in a literal sense. I think, lots of gorgeous rustic ambiance, pastels, chiffon. Fresh air, Anne of Green Gables. All of that. I am a bona-fide city girl, but lately there is something about the rustic serene environment of the country side.

When I think of a wedding like this I think of a cute simple dress with a nice nude heel.

Country Wedding

Keep in mind you will probably be standing in grass and soft ground which means the heels will sink. Bring a pair or flats or to keep your shoes clean from mud or dirt if there was rain fall the day before, bring a cute pair of Wellie’s. I adore a pair of Hunter’s with a super feminine dress. It’s so cute. I also like a lightweight sweater for when it starts to cool down. I prefer the shawl like cardigans. It just seems like a blanket and is so cozy but still really pretty.

Being outside all day I like a very sweet floppy hat to keep the sun out and a burnt scalp like I always seem to get lol.



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