My First Glossy Box

I had tried the Birch Box back in December and was Super disappointed with the box. I felt like I spent $10 bucks on samples I could have picked up at the department store or something I get for free at Sephora. So I had seen Glossy Box on some british websites and bloggers from the UK and was so sad that Glossy Box wasn’t offered in the US because the products look legit and good-sized and very unique products. And just when I thought there were no amazing sample boxes they launched in the US about a month ago so I decided to splurge on the $21 dollar sample box and I finally got it and I was pleasantly surprised with the size and quality of the products.

First I LOVED the packaging of the box.

They provided a small little booklet with info about each product which I thought was a good idea.

{How the products looked inside the box}

{I have yet to try this but the size is perfect for traveling and it fragrance free}

{This photo is blurry sorry. I tried this and it feels great but I don’t love the vanilla smell, which I typically love. But it is moisturizing}

{This small sample size of perfume is a bit strong for me but I do love it. It reminds me of Aveda Shampure scent if your familiar with that but it, I think is a great summer scent}

{I have yet to try this but I will let you know what I think}

{I’ve heard of this product before but never used it. I will let you know how I like it}

{I died and went to mascara heaven. I don’t know if anyone has tried this but I LOVE this! I put on one coat and my lashes curled,thickened and were dark. It is magic in a small silver tube. It’s incredible}

I’m definitely a fan of the Glossy Box and can’t wait for the next one!


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