How to spice up a boring work uniform

I currently have a job where I have the unfortunate luxury of having to sport a super stylish uniform of sorts. It’s most just tops but they are ill-fitting, ugly and boring. It’s often times hard to feel creative in this position in general but especially when your force-fed a wardrobe that doesn’t fit right. I have long arms and torso so the sweaters are to short in the arms and to short in the torso so I look odd. Also their about 2 sizes to big. Once of the sweaters is a unisex and I am swimming in it. It’s depressing. I got to thinking of ways to spice up my outfits to form some sort of style. I can’t show photos of the uniforms because it has the name of the company I work for and I know my luck that I would post a picture and get in trouble sooo I am keeping it safe.

Work Uniform

When it comes to work clothes and the company I work for I truly don’t get it. I could have a full sleeve of tattoos which would be fine but I can’t wear certain things. I have always had a hard time following direction or policies because i think their stupid. My last job I had in the same industry I was told if my outfit looks like “I stepped out of sex and the city or was more cocktails than office then it was not appropriate.” I felt that was a load of shit because there are ways of dressing stylish to work without looking like I’m heading to the bar. I put these three outfits together because I wanted to draw the attention away from the ugly sweaters.

Look 1: I went a little edgy with this leather skirt. I would probably wear this on a Friday or Saturday work day because those days are typically casual days and a day where I could kind of let loose. It’s summer so I chose this amazing sleeveless button down with some embellishments on the collars and a pair of nude heels to elongate my legs. More often than not I would get in trouble that I had bare legs so I could always add black tights and black heels. I would wear this watch every day and maybe add a bracelet or two.

Look 2: I adore these orange pants. Perfect for summer and this Marni top is also super perfect for summer and I love how it complements the pants. Again I would keep the shoes nude especially since the pants are so bright and I love the idea of a wedge with these pants but you can also add some cute flats or a regular pair of nude pumps. I added this cropped blazer because one of my sweaters is a blazer like cardigan with 3/4 in sleeves.

Look 3: The final look is a cute collared sleeveless dress with a pair of bright heels. This a good mid-week look. I am obsessed with the collared look buttoned up to the top (can you tell).

This job is not my dream job but sometimes we have to do things to get to our dreams. In the meantime We can still look adorable!


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