King Tut, Seattle, WA

I saw the King Tut exhibit a few weeks ago but I am just getting around to posting them. I am a history and archeology and anthropology nerd and being able to finally see this was beyond exciting and quite emotional. ( I know that sounds lame). I didn’t edit these too much because I wanted you to really see the detail in this exhibit.

{The sarcophagus of his cat}

{This kept things like jewelry}

{I want to wear this necklace}

{Another gorgeous detailed necklace}

{A head-piece that was placed on to the body before mummification}

{This was found in the Pharaoh’s wife’s coffin I think}

{Crown, earing and necklace also found in the coffin}

{King Tut’s bed. I love this photo too with the little girl writing}

{A necklace worn by King Tut and a Ring he wore as well}

{Probably used for make up. The roach was on everything here}

{Roach broach. I would wear this now}

{This was incredible. This mini coffin was used to hold the King’s stomach during the mummification}

{This was the top of a jar that held the heart of the king. The heart was very sacred.}

{this was found with two fetuses in assumed to be the Pharaoh’s babies}

{Finger and toe covers for the Pharaoh}

{The Pharaoh’s sandals}

Sorry for the blurry and crooked photos. I was bobbing and weaving in between people to get photos. 


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