Sunday Funday

Yes, I know it’s not Sunday, but I still wanted to post this I was just to tired last night.

Yesterday was just one of those really great Sundays. I grabbed breakfast with my good friend at Serious Biscuit here in Seattle. Then we just cruised the city shopping, well, he shopped I just tagged along. Then had happy hour at a local restaurant. It was a fun day. I was thinking, on a day like this, what do you typically wear? Well I wore something similar to this.

Untitled #31

I didn’t get photos of me yesterday but this outfit is similar to what I wore yesterday. The cardigan I wore is actually a dark gray and black strip. I got it at target maybe last year. My sunglasses are actually from H&M. I ADORE sunglasses but I go through them and I constantly just toss them in my bag and the lenses get scratched up so I figure just spend a little money on certain things. I obviously don’t own this Dior bag, I wish I did but I don’t. I was just trying to find something similar. I kept my hair up in a high bun too to keep with the casualness of this look. This is not the most amazing outfit I know, but it is comfortable and I felt good for a kicked back Sunday.

The first stop was Serious Biscuit. If your ever in Seattle definitely try the Tom Douglas Restaurants and this place is great for a yummy breakfast. He has several locations in Seattle including Dahlia Lounge, Palace Kitchen, Serious Pie and several other spots. Serious Biscuit is home-made biscuits and my favorite is the Fried Green Tomato so good.

{The actual sweater hehe 😉 }

*NOTE*  The 1st 5 photos taken by my good friend  at


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