New Name!

I have been thinking of changing the name of the blog but have always struggled with something brilliant. I initially used Salt or Shop Salt because I wanted my blog to coincide with my store but because life happens it is taking a lot longer to get my store running and the blog has been more a way to express things I like. I’d rather use this blog solely for my photos, life and fashion. I will as always keep everyone posted if and when my store ever becomes my reality. 

In the meantime I wanted a name for my blog to resonate where I am from. Being from Seattle where it rains 9 months out of the year (not really but feels like it sometimes) but adore the sunshine (my love for southern California and the beach) I decided on Rain + Shine. I feel a little bit like it sounds juvenile so if anyone has any fabulous suggestions I would gladly love to hear them. Also the header I know is grainy and I am working on that. I am just super tired tonight and have minimal patience for photoshop tonight. 


3 thoughts on “New Name!

  1. lifestyletea says:

    good job! always the hard bit thinking of a name that sticks right! I like what you’ve come up with 🙂

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