My evolution of hair & what Should I do now?

I get bored easily & quickly especially when it comes to my hair which is why I have always had shorter hair.

I am kind of at the point with my hair right now, I have been growing it our for the last 6 months and it hasn’t gotten as long as I’d hope but it is longer, my hair stylist says by the end of summer it should be much longer which is exciting but I am so impatient. So I put some photos together of some of my favorite hair styles and would love some feed back on what others think would look good.

I won’t lie, I have gained some weight but I am in the process of loosing it.

{ I had this hairstyle until I was about 8. It had grown to just above my rear but it would get knotted so badly and I would cry when my mom would try to brush it out so she got fed up and chopped it off to my chin lol. }

{I think I was in my early 20’s in this photo. I was still short hair but I was blonde. I have contemplated about going blonde again but not sure. what do you think?}

{Again, early 20’s I had recently just lost like 20 pounds in this photo and my cousin in the background. I loved this look, blonde again.}

{I realized that as I was putting this together that I didn’t have a recent photo of my hair now, so I snapped one quickly with my phone so I apologize for how I look its been a lazy day, but this is the color and length or my hair right now. }

Last year I got seriously destructive with my life and once of the things I felt I had control over was my hair so I cut my bangs. Grabbed some kitchen scissors and went to town.

{Sorry for the quality of the pictures. Now on to bangs. The big photo on the left is when I took the scissors myself and cut bangs. I liked them, but it was a lit of up keep to be honest. So as you can see I have had a couple different types of bangs and the top right I think were my favorite. I am debating is I want to get bangs again. What do you think?}

{Then there was the short hair. Ignore my dorky face/pose I don’t know why I did that I get uncomfortable in front if the camera sometimes. However, I think that hairstyle was my favorite.}

The thing I love about having shorter hair is that it is super low maintenance and if I am going to spend time getting ready I’d rather spend that time with clothes than my hair to be honest.

BUT, I do love long hair and so many things to do with it and I do love wearing it up.

What do you think?


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