St. Patrick’s Day

Today I took a road trip with my friend to Portland and I saw a plethora of St. Patrick’s Day green. I noticed when people go out for this holiday they tend where some silly things. Granted I know this holiday is a fun one for most. Lots of drinking and super fun events but I wanted to put my twist on a super fun and cute take on the holiday.

St. Patricks Day

I have never been one to get really into the holiday. When I say into the holiday, I mean wear green other than that I am totally into it. On this holiday I like to take into consideration that I will be with friends, around a lot of people and consuming copious amounts of beer. That being said, I want my outfit to be stylish but still comfortable.

I do add touches of green into my look but not a ton. I adore colored denim right now and these lime jeans are soooo cute!!! With the jeans being a bit fitted I want to add a more billowy blouse to counter balance the tightness of the denim. This blouse I adore. The color and the cut is so pretty and I feel like the perfect color to the denim. I added a pretty statement necklace and a mint green watch and of course a couple Cartier love bracelets that I am obsessed with.

With my shoes I love these Rag & Bone ankle booties and think these are so versatile. and look great with this look. A cute heel but not to over the top so you can stand for long periods of time.

I kept the purse neutral and a cross body bag. Tonight, you want to keep your hands free and in crowds the last thing you want to worry about is having a big bag bumping into people.

I think a fun foamy blue-green nail color is super cute and a goldish/green eye liner is keeping with the festivities.

Did you wear your green today? What did you wear?


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