Stylish Eco Friendly & Vegan Fashions

I try hard to make a solid effort to never wear fur and so far I haven’t. When I saw a video about the cruelty that is taken place to animals to get their fur that we spend money on to wear as a statement I made the choice to refuse to wear fur.

In 2006 Stella McCartney created a line of Vegan shoe wear and clothing and currently a lot of her items come in faux animal. I have noticed that a lot of designers often times have started using faux fur on their clothing which is great. Hollywood has lots of celebrities that do not wear animal products like Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone & Woody Harrelson. And at the 2012 Oscars Missy Pyle wore this eco-friendly dress down the red carpet. 

I think when people think of Vegan and eco-friendly fashion, they think of clunky shoes, and ugly rubber bags but not the case at all. Here are some super cute eco-friendly and Vegan products I found that I love.

{Toggery Rosie Dress $60. This dress is made from Organic Cotton & Supima Modal jersey.}

{Sub Urban Riot Bow Ties Tee $32. Made from ultra soft Modal Jersey}

{ 100% Vegan heels $240}

{Matt & Nat Lennox Bag. 100% Cruelty Free with 100% Nylon lining inside $135}

{Vaute Couture The Upcycled Indigo Windbreaker On sale for $100. Shell made of 100% recycled closed loop zero waste fibers that are windproof and water-resistant}

Do you have any favorite Eco friendly & vegan products?


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