Pleats & Highs and lows!

I have always loved a pleated skirt. From the time I was 13 up until I was probably 18 I would constantly wear pleated skirts with thigh high socks and combat boots. I adore the look of these pleated skirts. Such a fluid, simple, romantic, modern take with just a hint of retro prissy/preppy. I love it.

I am also in love with the high and low look of skirts, shirts, dresses everything I just love it. below are some of my favorites including a super simple but fun look for Spring with pleats.

{Kate Spade $368 Nordstrom}

{Sanctuary ‘Leotie’ Crinkle Skirt $130, Nordstrom}

{Color Block $14.90 Forever21}

{Color Block Pleated Skirt, $19.80 forever 21}

{Silk Shimmer Dip Hem $130 Topshop}

{New Beat Dress $168 Shop Planet Blue}



Now, this outfit might look simple but I love it for spring and even summer, I would just change-up the shoes for a sandal and maybe leave out the leather bracelet. I love this skirt, I love that it’s the best of both loves, pleated and a high and low. However, with this look I would probably want a more symmetrical skirt and opt for a standard pleated skirt. I love the idea of a sleeveless button down with such a delicate skirt. I would button the shirt all the way up, I love that look. I also love the leopard flats with this look took. I adore the pattern with this color. I also want to keep the bag super neutral and add some fun bracelets like the Hermes leather bracelet, Cartier love bracelet and something kind out there with this triangle bracelet.

This look might not be for everyone and not everyone would love it nor wear it but I think it’s very me and I love it.

What are you loving for spring?


One thought on “Pleats & Highs and lows!

  1. angelwynxx says:

    Everything you showed up here are really stylish. I also love wearing pleated skirt as I find this stuff very classy and as always – very stylish. But I think I cannot afford to have this girly thing as I am on a very tough budget! I am always looking for cheap clothing store on the net where quality is am always looking for and not for the name/brand on it.

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