When Your Feeling Blue

I recently blogged about when there are times life gives you a whole heap load of stress and struggles and how I cope. Well today is a day that I am having a hard time coping, and it is truly one of those days that i need some inspiring words & that blogging at work is actually my only way to keep sane (and counting down the days until I am moving to L.A. only 15 more Tuesdays.)

I thought about what I am wearing today and how it is kind of a reflection of my crummy disposition about certain things. So I put an outfit together that I think is a cuter more “sloppy chic” approach to how to dress casual but still look a bit more put together in my book.

Feeling Blue


My regular day-to-day style is always very classically chic with hints of boho. I love fabrics that drape, flats, or a chunky heel. But today is by far not a reflection of my style. It’s an “I don’t give two hoots and just rolled out of bed and walked out the door” style.

The nice thing about my job is I can get away with wearing jeans and such but i always like to look put together, you never know who you will meet.


When I am in a poopy mood I still want to look cute and what I love about this look is that it is a tad sloppy but in a put together way.

The sweater is a chunky cable sweater but when they are chunky I don’t want to be swimming in it so I like to wear them at least a size and 1/2 bigger than my regular size. Maybe grab a men’s small or something. I adore this T by Alexander Wang tank the perfect layer under this type of sweater because they can get pretty toasty.

The jeans are a boyfriend style jean that i LOVE. I find it so incredibly cute and comfy. When I roll mine up I don’t like the denim to be pristinely cuffed but a bit disheveled. I think that is what the boyfriend jean is all about. I also don’t love for them to be so baggy that they look sloppy just the right amount of looseness. I love the combo of the chunky knit with the boyfriend jean it’s just the right amount of over sized that a girl needs.

Next, I add a super cute ballet flat. I adore these from J.Crew. They have the best stuff but I love their flats, they are super comfy and come is so many different colors and styles. I realize this look is going to be pretty neutral so I want to add a pop of color to the outfit so I add that color with my shoes. A pretty bright pink is all it needs.


When it comes to add on’s I am going to keep it pretty muted. I’ll add my trusty gold Marc Jacobs men’s inspired watch and this gorgeously soft and cozy scarf. I love scarves, but most importantly I love a scarf that is big so I can’t wrap up in it. Plus it really works as two a scarf or a shawl which is why I always take one when i fly too. I don’t want to put much makeup on so some eye liner mascara and a little blush is all I need with a touch of lip balm. I like the ones that are tinted but rose bud salve is my favorite because, for me it always brings out my natural lip color.

My bag is something I want to be able to sling on my shoulder or cross my body I don’t want any fuss. This Mui Mui bag is perfect. stylish but easy.


I would finish off this look with my hair pulled up into a messy top knotted bun throw on my black rimmed glasses and I am out the door.

What do you do to your outfit when you’re in a bad mood?


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