Write a letter

In an age where we spend almost all our time behind a computer, ipad or phone it’s as though the time of private journals and writing has taken a backseat.

We have blogs, facebook and whatever type of forum you use to speak your mind, share your thoughts. it’s as though nothing in your life is a secret any more, which is why I like to keep things old school. Here are a few things I love that keep things  more natural, vintage and really just remind me of a time before computers. (even though I love everything there is about a computer 😉  )

{My Journal.}

I have been writing in a journal since I was 13, I don’t write in it nearly as often as I had when I was younger but here is where I feel I can write things i can’t share with everyone else.

{Reading Notes}

I saw these the other day and just fell in love with them. I adored the library drawers from way back in the day. Digging through those drawers going card by card trying to find the book you needed (I never could find the book I wanted though). The card in the front of books when you checked them out at school where you signed your name. I love that. These are great, they stick right in the front of your book which gives you the opportunity to make notes while you read.

They are $16 for three and can be bought at pleasetakenotes.com

{Me & You Pencils}

I saw these on Etsy and I fell in love. Not only are they adorable for Valentine’s Day but I just love some original old school pencils. These are adorable.

Etsy By Knot & Bow $12


I miss the days when people actually sent letters. Pen pals, call mail. I love this set of stamps from Sweet Papery. It’s such a clever modern-day take on personalizing your letters.

{Snail Mail}

When was the last time you actually got a letter in the mail? No, I don’t mean a Holiday card, but a good old-fashioned handwritten letter from someone.

I miss this. I would love to get a letter in the mail from someone.

I love these personalized stationery from Blackbirdandpeacock from Etsy. I love photography and find this so cute.

What are some of your favorite past times?


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