Celebrating the day of Love with the one you love…yourself

I can honestly say that I do not enjoy Valentine’s Day. Probably because I have never ever had a Valentine’s Day date. I have either been single, out-of-town or just broken up with my significant other or I straight up didn’t date anyone who ever thought to take me out. I also have a weird repulsion to romance. I get incredibly uncomfortable. I can’t read romance stories or watch romance movies. Maybe I’m jilted who knows.

So when Valentine’s Day rolls around I just get very hum drum, however I don’t know if it’s me getting older or more content with myself and my single self that I am more open to the day. Because love doesn’t have to come from another person all the time, it really starts from loving yourself. (I know people probably are gonna say ‘that’s what a single girl says’)

So on Valentines Day I like to do things for myself. You know, like buy myself flowers, maybe a book I wanted and spend quality time with my other single gal friends. I also like to dress for the day. Brights, or add a little sex appeal.

valentine's day

Outfit #1~ I love the mix of pink, orange and red. It’s such a great combo. This look I would wear just out and about. Meeting friends for lunch, or to go to the farmers market to pick up fresh flowers to brighten up my home, see a movie or just sit at a coffee shop and read.

Outfit #2~ If your working on V-Day. Add some spice into your work wardrobe. I LOVE this dress. The color, the cut, the detail. I suppose it depends on your office environment but either way add a pop of pink or red into the outfit. Maybe add some pretty flowers to your desk or candy for guests or people who walk by. (Depends on your office type)

Outfit #3~ Spend the night with your supportive girl friends but still feel sexy. I actually LOVE this outfit. I love the cross between the pretty feminine pleated skirt and the masculine rocker vibe of the jacket, tank and peak of red from the lace bralet. With my heels i want a sexy feel so I always like to wear a nude heel, they just make your legs look insane.

Things that make me happy on Valentine’s Day


Peonies are my favorite flower. They are incredibly romantic, big and just make me happy. My favorites are the very bright hot pink ones.

{Dear John Scarf by Felix Rey $165 Shopbop.com}

I saw this scarf and fell in love. I adore it.

{Love Me Ipad Case dodocase.com $79}

I don’t have an Ipad yet, but I am definitely getting this case. So cute and slightly psychotic. Brilliant.

{Vosage Chocolate}

My friend turned me on to this chocolate and it’s AMAZING!!!! I love buying myself a box of chocolates during this time and these are well worth the money.

What are some things that make you happy on this day?


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