When in doubt….Dream big

I try very hard not to always be that inspiration board. You know, life is rainbows and sunshine, and all of that. I try to keep my glass half full and quite frankly I keep it honest. Life is going to throw you hard balls, curve balls and at times it will feel like life just dropped the house on you like in the Wizard of Oz. But sometimes you need a little inspiration and a thoughtful ear and someone telling you everything will be ok, and right now I REALLY need that.

I recently took a job in the hopes it would alleviate stress & add a little extra money towards opening my store but it has been the complete opposite. With out going into too much detail it has been much more stressful, and the big question is always is it worth staying in an uncomfortable, stressful, emotionally tolling and straight up horrible? or just suck it up. I think a lot of people will just say suck it up and in this economy that is what I am having to do. But when I was looking through the WestElm catalog recently  I saw (and I know this is going to sound totally weird)Victoria Smith with sfgirlbybay.com dining area, not only did I adore the room, what really drew in my attention was the chalk board and the phrase on it. “DO WHAT YOU LOVE OR DON’T DO IT.” ( you can see it here http://www.sfgirlbybay.com/2012/02/03/west-elm-catalog/ )

My passion is to not live a 9-5 day in a job I can’t stand, in an industry I am not passionate about. I don’t want to have any more regrets in life and when I am 100 I can look back on my life with pride and happiness that I lived my dreams.

Right now there are only a few things keeping me going and really truly keeping me motivated.


I took this photo the very first time I went to L.A. It’s Sunset & Camden I believe. That cross street is synonymous with my childhood because it reminds me of “Singing in the rain” which I watched daily as a kid. I had always wanted to live in L.A. or NYC.I moved to Seattle for the wrong reason & my dreams are still in Los Angeles. I am moving back in August to truly follow my passion for photography & fashion.


Ironically enough, I found out the gal who had the same job before me did Yoga to keep sane. I understand it helps. Not just for that but for life it’s self.


learning new techniques and just the practice is calming and just keeping me motivated to work towards my dreams.

What keeps you motivated during stressful moments? whats your opinion on working in an unhealthy work environment?

*All photos  unless noted were found online* 


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