Summer Dreams

I’m kind of in the mood for Summer already. It’s been so darn rainy, snowy, windy here that a touch of sunshine and warmth is really what I am needing right now.

I keep getting totally psyched about what things I plan on wearing this summer, how I’m going to wear my hair, getting my body in bikini mode. Here are some of my favorite things I will be rocking come Summer time. ( I know I skipped spring but that’s because it’s always kind of cold and rainy here in spring.)

{I’m totally into Planet Blue right now. Their basics are amazingly sexy but casual. I am loving this yellow and the top is amazing. $79 @ShopPlanetBlue.}

{ I definitely plan on rocking a lot of maxi prints this spring & Summer. I love this $19 @planet Blue}

{If I could get away with it. I would rock this Mara Hoffman dress all summer long. It’s pricey but well worth it. I would maybe wear this dress as a cover up, date night or just hanging out with friends on a casual humid Sunday afternoon. $539}

{I like a slide sneaker and I like to keep it authentic and old school at times which is why I love my white slide vans. }

{I love wearing hats during the summer. My go to hats have always been my straw fedora from Aldo (mens) and my floppy beach hat from Quicksilver. But this year I want to change it up a bit. I love scarves and I have always wrapped them on my head at times but for summer I want it to be more playful and stylish. I found this shot of a really cute way to wear a scarf on your head. }

{I love a Kimono Jacket. I pretty much can wear it with anything really and I love the idea of wearing it as a beach cover up. This one is really pretty much I wold probably go for something a little bit shorter and just a bit lighter since I will be wearing it on the beach.

I also love the idea of this cape. But basically if you have a large silk scarf you can do this your self by tying each end and sticking your arms through it. I used to do this all the time with my towels and scarves as a kid and really even recently I have done it with a scarf I had and wore it at home.}

{You can’t forget a great pair of cut off shorts. To be honest I still have and wear a pair of frayed cut offs I wore in Jr. High and High school. They fit kind of perfectly, a little baggy but still short enough they don’t look frumpy. However I do need a new pair and American Eagle, while kind of not my style has really cheap denim that is super comfy. Or, get creative and cut up a pair of old jeans and rough them up a but to feel a bit worn. I will do a tutorial on that once summer gets a bit closer it’s really fun. }

{I love Polaroid pictures. there my favorite. I have a few cameras at home but this one is really fun. It’s really big and obnoxious but so much fun.}

In the summer I try to not wear a lot of fragence. It’s hot, its humid I just want to feel really fresh. I use this oil a lot but in the Summer time it’s all I need. It moisturizes my body like no body’s business and it smells insane! the perfect summer scent. This is one I will never go without. }

What are your favorite summer items? What are you looking forward to wearing this summer?


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