The start of Awards Season!!

The awards season is upon us. The glitz the glamour, the fashion “WOWS” the fashion “OH MY GOSH, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!” it is finally here. I have mixed emotions about the awards season.

Every year I get so incredibly excited, but there is that part of me, like a lot of people, that really truly wished they had followed their dreams. Mine, like so many, was to be an actress, a truly legit actress. I found a box full of all journals in my parents storage last weekend and was reading through some of them. The first one I could find was from 1993 and I think I was 13 maybe. Every page was about friends, and boys, and my struggles of predictable adolescence, but the one thing that was consistent was that I wanted to be an actress. I did participate in dance and theatre from the time I was 3 years old. Surprisingly I was painfully shy, but the moment I got on stage all my shyness and anxiety was gone. I craved it, I loved it, it was my passion. I think the reason I didn’t follow my dream was because I was scared. For all the reasons I think were legitimate fears. The fear of rejection, the fear of being poor, the fear that it would never work out and I would end up back in my parents house, rejected and broke. What I didn’t take into consideration is the pure fact that I would have followed my dreams. It wouldn’t have mattered if I was rejected and broke, but I would have actually followed through with something in my life and that would have been the greatest success ever imagined. I have respect for the people who go out there and follow their dreams. They put fear aside and push full steam ahead. I didn’t follow mine and ended up in dead-end jobs, broke, with horrible relationships, and back in my parents house rejected and broke. But what did I have to show for it? nothing. At least if I had followed my dreams I could have said well I tried, it was a great experience but it didn’t work. It took me until my 30th birthday to realize there is more to life than fear and regrets. I took the bull by the horns and have tried my hardest to make the last three years mine and with no regrets. I finally realized that who cares if I broke and rejected I am still alive and I actually went for my dreams. How many people can say that huh? (well a lot but you get what I am saying.)

So when award season rears it’s perfectly quaffed head I get excited but it always reminds me to keep my head held high and learn from my regrets. It reminds me of the passion I had and really gives me the positive affirmations I need to succeed in this world doing what I love.


This Sunday is the Golden Globes and you can guess where I will be, yep, watching the red carpet and the show in my most glamorous lounge wear, a glass of wine and a low-fat home-made pizza. (or I might order one, just depends on how lazy I am.)

January is like the precursor to February, that is when we have the Independent Spirit Awards, BAFTA Awards, SAG Awards and of course the Academy Awards.

This month so far we have had the Peoples Choice Awards, Critics Choice and this Sunday the Golden Globes. I wanted to pick my favorites and my least favorites from each show. Here we go!!! YAY!!! The fun is about to begin!!!




Miley Cyrus in David Koma

Emma Stone in Gucci

Jennifer Goodwin in Roksanda llincic



Michelle Williams in Chanel

Charlize Theron in Alaia Haute Couture

Elizabeth Olsen in Emilio Pucci

Sunday night I will be doing a recap of the Golden Globes!! Will you be watching the Globes? 


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