My Weekend Work look

Currently I have the luxury or being able to wear what I want (within reason) to work. Business casual is the name of the game and jeans are good so long as you look professional. On Saturdays I am busy but i keep my look a bit more casual but I like to think of it as relaxed, sexy & casual. Today I am wearing fitted dark blue jeans, nude colored heels, brownish sweater cami with a black cardigan over it and my lucky horse shoe necklace I got at Anthropologie.

Below is my favorite outfit to wear on a casual weekend work day or even just on a lazy weekend window shopping or grabbing a bite with friends.

Weekend Work Look

I love the look of a flared jean. I have a curvy pear shaped figure and every time I wear these jeans I do a double take on my booty. Slap on a pair of heels or platforms and your legs go on your miles and your butt is lifted to epic proportions. I also love the vintage feel that a flared/bell bottom jean gives it sexy/bohemian I think. I always seem to pair my flared with a comfy worn in t-shirt. I usually only tuck in a corner try to keep it look a bit disheveled but not to sloppy. I can even take it up a notch and tuck it in and add a gorgeous belt if I wanted to be more polished and it can balance out the flare at the bottom of the jeans. either way I like that disheveled sexiness. With flared jeans I always liked to wear some sort of heel with  flared jeans or pants and not flats. Usually with flares they are very long and with flats your just drag the jeans and it will look frumpy. I LOVE a platform with my flares mostly because it has that 70’s vibe to it and a bohemian feel I think, plus in these cold days a platform ankle boot is just so darn cute. In the warmer weathers I would pair this look with more of a platform sandal.

I love the look of a letterman jacket. I don’t know why but I do. It adds a whole new pop to the look. I push up the sleeves on mine to give it a more feminane look but it brings you back to high school days where you wore your boyfriends letterman jacket. This is just a more adult take on the look.

I Also would pair either a really delicate longer necklace with this look or maybe two different length necklaces but I definately would stack some bracelets on my wrist. My favorite is the Hermes studded bracelet. It really does look great with just about everything you wear. Add some bangles, woven friendship bracelets and a retro digital gold watch. I love a red nail which is always my go to color. I love MACS  Shirelle red but this Butter red is very pretty too. For my bag I like to keep it casual on the weekends, that is of course I am going out for a night on the town then I will use something a little more dressed up. As for this look I LOVE the look of this yellow shoulder bag by Jil Sander. It’s the perfect weekend bag and the color adds a nice pop to any outfit.

I never leave the house without smelling like a million bucks, and that is exactly what this Balenciaga perfume makes me feel like. It’s not completely over bearing, it’s got a really unusual but amazing smell. It kind of reminds me of a very woodsy smell. Kind of like fire with lots of floral and patchouli. I find its a perfect daytime fragrance as well as an evening one.

Whats your weekend look?


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