What is your go to New Years Eve outfit?

New Years
In some places it is already a new year. The new years resolutions are in full effect and their parties are already done and onto a new year. However, here in the US we are all just getting started to celebrate a new year. We may have already planned our evening and some are still not quite sure. Some are probably going to lavish parties, some to the club or just taking it fairly easy.
I put three looks together on what I would wear for each type of New Years event.
The first outfit I like to think of as my “casual” New Years Eve outfit. When I put this look together I pictured it would be a fairly versatile look where I could go here in Seattle and watch the fireworks at the Space Needle and then onto a bar or a friends party. Now, I know what you’re going to say “Heels are not practical to be standing/walking to just watch fireworks”. BUT, have you see those flats that roll up into a cute little bag that you can just toss on your bag? The heels? The bag I know is small and really it’s all up to you what type of bag you bring you could toss on this super sweet Zara tote and just toss the heels in the bag. The tote is cute and festive enough that it doesn’t look out-of-place.
I chose red jeans because I love them, they are crazy cute I think and to create a more casual look roll up the jeans a bit, not particularly smooth but roll them so they look a bit messy if that makes sense. I like the look of a pair of casual jeans, heels and some sparkle. It adds a nice balance from a casual/dressy look and is really very sexy. I also love a tough army green anorak style of jacket or army jacket. Again the cross from the sparkle and the subdued texture and style of the toughness of the jacket gives a very stylish and tough look. I like to think of this outfit as really having a lot of fun. Add a fun cocktail ring like this skull ring. Add a couple of rings if you want. Add a stack of bracelets. It’s a fun holiday I say experience a little fun tonight with your look. Play up the festivness even if you are keeping casual with a bunch of friends at a bar. With my nail color I would keep it metallic but like I said add a bright color even to play but with the red pants I wanted to keep a nice balance.
I keep my hair down for this look, keep it simple and sexy or even through it up in a messy high bun and add a thin headband.
{TIP: If you’re looking a midnight kiss steer clear of colored lips. Guys are weird about stuff on your lips and are hesitant to kiss a bright red lip. Keep it simple and sexy with a shimmery nude lip or just a regular nude lip.Also make sure to exfoliate your pouter. There are a ton of great lip polishes but I actually just use my apricot scrub from St. Ives while I am washing my face I just lather a bunch on my lips and scrub, scrub, scrub. Once I get out of the shower I either apply some Carmex or I have this Ole Henriksen African red tea lip salvation that I put on to keep them moisturized while still scrub-a-dub-dubbing them.  NUDE LIPs + SOFT LIPS= GORGEOUS MIDNIGHT KISS!}
The second look is a look I love especially if I am going a club or a party some where. It’s long-sleeved which I feel like it keeps it a bit classy but the cut outs make it oh so sexy and the length is short but too to. I chose this clear clutch because I LOVE it. I say keep it clear and don’t add the colored pouches but its a cute idea especially if you want to keep things private *if you know what I mean*
. I also added these fabulous Alexander Wang heels. They are my favorite and I want them on my feet right now! But the shoe does a Va-Va-Voom element and if you want to keep the sexy just up top then I’d opt for a closed toed pump with a bit of a platform on it in either a nude or black.
{ TIP: A nude heel is great because it just makes your legs look like they go for miles, just make sure to get a nude heel that is similar to your own skin tone otherwise you won’t fully get the elongating effect.}
I would keep my nails clean with a gold shimmery color and just one cocktail ring. I felt the dress had enough drama that it didn’t need a ton of accessories, but a couple of bracelets wouldn’t hurt either. The new Prada CANDY perfume is my absolute favorite right now. I got it for my birthday and I wear it everyday. It’s such a sweet warm sexy fragrance that I find it would work on all three outfits really.
{TIP: When using a fragrance try to spray on all the pulse points, neck, behind the ear, inside of the elbows. I always like to spray a little in my hair and even on the back of my neck so when someone goes in for a hug they get a hint of the scent. However make sure not to spray it on your clothes because it can stain sometimes. Bring some with you but obviously not the whole bottle. Invest in a small travel perfume bottle that can store your favorite scent and spritz on from time to time throughout the night. DO NOT BATHE IN IT! }
I would keep my hair down parted in the middle with gorgeous soft waves but with lots of texture. eventually throughout the night I might pin-up back in a low bun.
The third and final look is what I would wear if I was going to an ultra glamorous party. When I see this dress I just think of being somewhere like Los Angeles or New York indulging in some champagne and rubbing elbows with the top 40 richest people in Forbes. The dress is so pretty and flirty and I love the sparkle and ruffle on the bottom of the dress. I kept the whole outfit very subtle but I also kept a lot off sparkle. It is of course the one night of the year where sparkle can go a long way. I kept the clutch small but a bit tough with the serpent on the finger holes of the clutch. I finished it with a sparkly cocktail ring. This outfit has so much sparkle that I don’t think it really needs much else. Keep the makeup soft and sophisticated add some highlighter to your cheekbones to glow and there is no way I can’t have a pop of color so I would just color my nails with a lovely pinkish nail color. I would wear my hair in waves then pull it up in a really pretty but messy low bun almost like a chignon.
What are you wearing tonight? what are your holiday plans?

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