Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

My family has a tradition of spending Christmas Eve at Pike Place Market loading up some of our favorite Market items and then heading over to a lovely hotel bar for some drinks.

Here are some photos that are not amazing but fun.


{View from the top of the Inn At the Market Hotel}

{Bavarian Meats is all German meats and yummies. My mom is German so we have been going here since I was a little kid. It’s tradition. }

{A peak inside the store.}

{Le Panier is a super yummy French bakery. The line was out the door and around the corner. }

{Beecher’s Cheese curds. I am not a fan of the curds but their Mac & Cheese is AMAZING!!}

{This bakery is in the Pike Place Market near where they throw the fish. As kids my brother and I would always get a Bigfoot, which is really just a huge cinnamon donut. They don’t sell them anymore but they do have huge donuts}

{Berries. There is one missing because I bought one. They were AHHHMMMAAAZZZIINNG}

{There was a bunch of flowers behind this piece of plastic. I thought it looked kind of cool}

{Holly, I think, at a florist at the Market}

{And our Christmas Day Dinner. It was pretty terrific}


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